Saly Papa is named after Legendary Swiss Chef, Saly Weil.

In 1927, a young eager Swiss Chef named Saly Weil arrived at the Port of Yokohama with a big dream of success in far-east Japan.

Weil soon began making great contributions to Japan’s Western food culture and in doing so started a Western Cuisine Revolution that would come to be called Yoshoku Cuisine.

Weil became the first Head Chef at Hotel New Grand in Yokohama, and invented many original dishes such as doria (rice gratin), hamburg steak, and spaghetti napolitana.

Weil dedicated himself to improving the Japanese restaurant industry by bringing a la carte style dining along with Western style service and professionalism.

Weil also pushed his Japanese cooks to reach the next level, training them to be true restaurant professionals.

Many of Chef Weil’s Japanese pupils went on to achieve great success, thus spreading the influence of Yoshoku cuisine across Japan. Here at Saly Papa we strive to provide great Yoshoku style cuisine in respect to Chef Saly Weil’s legacy.

YOSHOKU is a style of Western-influenced Japanese Cuisine.

YOSHOKU refers to a Japanese style of Western-influenced cuisine which originated during the Meiji Restoration in Japan.

Yoshoku is a style of cuisine that modifies Western dishes with Japanese elements.

Chef Saly Weil was a key figure in the development of Yoshoku cuisine along with some other local and foreign chefs.

Typical dishes of the style include; Omelet Rice, Hamburg Steak, Japanese Curry Rice, Hayashi Beef Rice, Spaghetti, Doria Gratin, and the technique of panko frying things such as pork loin, shrimp, oysters and croquettes.

Saly Papa is proud to introduce Yoshoku style cuisine to the rest of the world! We hope you enjoy our amazing Yoshoku Dishes!

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